PlayStation eye

The console has a wide variety of accessories including: the Sixaxis controller, DualShock 3 and Move, keyboard, headphones, HDMI cable, and the tuner / recorder of TDTV Play TV and the PlayStation Eye webcam, compatibility with PlayStation Move (motion control and navigation control) In addition, the PlayStation 2 accessories are compatible with the PlayStation 3, due to the conservation of its architecture. The control also consists of an integrated motion sensor. This also adds to a PlayStation VR.

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PlayStation 3D Display

It is the new Sony 3D screen for the PlayStation 3. It has the Simulview capability that allows 2 players to play without having to split the screen in half with a special Sony 3D lens.

Sixaxis and DualShock 3

In the PlayStation 3 came an important revolution in the aspect of controllers for Sony consoles. The command added the motion and vibration detection function. This first command was called Sixaxis, a name that means “six axes” referring to the six (six) axes (axis) of motion detection (3 for positional movements in space using accelerometers and 3 for rotation detection). Later, due to user criticism of the lack of vibration, a review of the remote with the name DualShock 3 was made, which adds the vibration function back to the remote:


It has wireless function via Bluetooth, with a lithium battery of approximately 30 hours of autonomy, charging through a USB-miniUSB cable. You can also connect to the console through the same cable, without using the wireless function.

  • The R2 and L2 buttons are now analog triggers.
  • As with the PSP, the Home Button (PS Button) has been added to the center of the controller, similar to the Xbox Guide button on the Xbox 360 controller.
  • It has four LEDs in the front, which let you know which port it is connected to.
  • Its sensitivity has been improved with respect to its predecessor.
  • Six degrees of freedom were introduced.
  • Also compatible via Bluetooth with some models of the XPERIA line in cell phones.

PlayStation Move

Move is a motion recognition device in PlayStation. Sony defines Move as a very fast, precise and simple device to use. The launch was in autumn 2010 in Europe and spring 2011 in America. This accompanies with the PlayStation VR.

Sony PlayStation Move is priced between 30 and 70 euros in Europe. It is characterized by light weight and vibration. The user must be placed in front of the television in the central area to be detected by the camera. There is also a bundle of PS Move, Ps Eye and the Sports Champions video game.


In the development stage of the PlayStation 3, Sony decided to equip the Blu-ray player on the PlayStation 3, whose intention was to boost its developed format and the movies stored in that format. The disc measures 12 cm in diameter like the DVD and CD. PlayStation 3 games are stored in that format, which many developers have taken advantage of the storage capacity of this disc to add more extras to the games.

Blu-ray discs are made of paper and cellulose instead of polymers as in the case of CDs or DVDs, so they are biodegradable. However, Blu-ray discs have a non-biodegradable scratch-proof protective cover. A Blu-ray disc can store up to about 25 GB of data per layer, 50 GB double layer, with a maximum of four layers per disc.

In 2008, Blu-Ray became the standard of the successor optical media of the DVD, after Toshiba’s retirement in the production of the HD DVD in February 2008. In the previous war of the formats between HD DVD and Blu- Ray, the PlayStation 3 was considered the most economical Blu-Ray player.

A study showed that 60% of PS3 owners are unaware that it has a Blu-ray reader, the other 40% know that it incorporates the reader and use it to watch movies in high definition. That same study was also done to other consoles, where 30% know that the reader can be used to watch movies in high definition.

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