Subscribing to this PlayStation platform allows subscribers to obtain benefits, many of the users of PlayStation consoles would like to acquire this benefit, since it is paid. By obtaining the subscription you have the advantage of downloading free exclusive PS Plus games, obtaining discounts in the PlayStation Store and the latest in launching PlayStation Video Pass along with PlayStation Game Pass, which allows you to download more than 100 games and play them from any device such as multiplayer.

How to get free PS Plus on PS5

With the new PS5 console, some of you wonder if PS Plus will remain the same. It’s very simple, I got free PS Plus on my PS5, claiming free codes from the online PSN generator. I won a 1-year membership to PS Plus, what a surprise when I redeemed the PSN code that the generator gave me, even more excitement was when I downloaded the games that PS Plus is giving away this month, more promotions on purchases found in the PlayStation Store, everything I did this from my PS5.
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PSN Code Generator, the best option to get free PlayStation gift card codes

PNSFCODES, our official generator has the power to re-gift unlimited codes without completing surveys or human verification. Each code has a value added to the wallet when it is redeemed, there are codes that provide you with free PS Plus subscriptions, whether it is a 3-, 6- or 1-year subscription, giving the advantage of renewing it every time you want.

How easy it is to win free codes with the PSN generator

The updated PSN Code Generator has revolutionized the world of the latest PlayStation consoles with free PSN codes that it generates and delivers to all players who use it, without so many human verification protocols or surveys or anything like that.

It has provided so many PSN codes, that many claims daily and have obtained benefits, just click “get code” and in less than 5 minutes you will have yours, I did it and continue to use it.

Redeem the free codes and get a 1-year subscription of PS Plus for PS5

The PSN codes obtained in the generator are compatible with the PS5 console, for this reason there is no problem in redeeming these codes. The 1-year PS Plus subscription is the product of codes generated online from PlayStation gift cards. The benefits are almost infinite when redeeming the codes.

Step for redeem codes

  1. From the PS5 home screen, scroll to the left of the PlayStation Store.
  2. On the top row, scroll all the way to the right and select the overflow menu denoted by ellipses.
  3. Select Redeem Code.
  4. Enter the 12-digit game code or gift card code.
  5. Once it displays what your code is redeeming, select Redeem.
  6. Select Download and Continue if you are downloading a game.

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