At the beginning of 2010, a hacker named George Hotz (“GeoHot”) gained access to all the memory read, write and the console hypervisor. In response, in April, Sony distributed firmware update 3.21, which eliminates the possibility of installing other operating systems, such as GNU / Linux, with the aim of “improving console security”.

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In August 2010, a USB device called PS Jailbreak appears on the market that allows the execution of unsigned code in the console. In practice, this facilitates the installation and execution of unauthorized copies and homebrew. Along with the device, software called Backup Manager was included, which allows you to copy the original games from the Blu-ray to the internal hard disk or to an external one formatted in FAT32. The aforementioned software can be detected, allowing Sony to identify Jailbreak users. Many clone devices have appeared on the market after the launch of the Jailbreak. All these devices (Jailbreak and derivatives) only work on consoles with firmware 3.41 to 3.55 and can be downgrade.

Digital signature

During a conference held in Berlin in December 2010, a group of programmers claimed to have gained access to the console’s security keys, which would allow digitally signing any application and running it, without the need for a Jailbreak device and without firmware restrictions. According to the group, the elimination of support for Linux was what motivated hackers to carry out the investigations that finally culminated in the finding, achieved through basic arithmetic based on an error by Sony in the application of ECDSA. The company would be unable to counteract the fact, given that it would have to modify the security keys of the console, and this would cause all games and applications created to date to stop working, GeoHot itself has published, at the beginning of 2011 , the main key, along with a “Hello World” to run on the console.

Custom firmware

To allow the use of homebrew using the newly discovered encryption keys several modified versions of the 3.55 system update have been published by Geohot, KaKaRoTo, Waninkoko, Kmeaw and others, the first one was published by KaKaRoTo on January 4, 2011. The feature More common is the addition of an “App Loader” that allows the installation of DLC signed as packages. Although game backup administrators could run, those game copies could not be loaded at first despite some successes made when making game backups and then signing them. A patch of LV2 was released to allow backup administrators to load copies of games and later it was integrated into game administrators so it does not have to be run every time PS3 is restarted. This CFW jailbreak method is now the trend in jailbreaking the PS3 because it does not need any special hardware and can be permanently installed on any PS3.

The PlayStation 3 System Software v3.56 and v3.60 updates add security measures to prevent the creation of custom firmwares, from previous versions that block the Jailbreak PS exploit. However, users can choose not to update and some games that require a firmware version above 3.55 can be patched to run with a v3.55 firmware. Shortly after, firmware v3.60 was released, and updates to the PlayStation Network online service were carried out to block any known method that allowed access to PSN in firmwares larger than the latest official firmware (currently v4.84), with which blocked users who chose not to update.

A custom firmware, known as “Rebug”, released on March 31, which has the most options and debugging and developer functionality of the PS3. A week later, tutorials were available allowing users to download PSN content for free, using fake credit card numbers (instead of stolen ones).

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