Create Account PlayStation Network


  1. In the XMB menu, go to the [Users] icon> [Create new user] to create a user new. (You do not need to perform this step if this is the first time you use the PS3 console).
  2. Enter the new user profile by selecting it and pressing the X button.
  3. Select [Create a new account (new user)] and press the X button again. If you already have an account, select [Use an existing account] and follow the instructions to sign in.
  4. Complete the requested information, select [Continue] and press the X button. If you are under 17, ask for it to your father, mother or guardian to help you create an account.
  5. Scroll down to read the entire end user agreement or press the right arrow on the directional control to go to the bottom of the screen.
  6. Enter the following information:

    Email address (will be your login ID)

    Password (you must enter it twice to confirm it)

    Then, select “Continue” and press the X button.

  7. Create an online ID, select [Continue] and press the X button. Your online ID will be used to identify you other players in PlayStation Network.
  8. Enter your first and last name, select [Continue] and press the X button.
  9. Enter a valid mailing address, select [Continue] and press the X button.
  10. Verify the account information, select [Continue] and press the X button.
  11. A message will appear to notify you that a message was sent to your email address.
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You must follow the instructions in the email to finish creating your account. From this moment on, you can Log in to your new account on this PS3 console.

PS4: How to create PlayStation Network accounts

PlayStation Network is an online service that allows you to fully enjoy your PS4 console. By logging into PlayStation Network, you can use a wide variety of features and services.

This article explains how to create a new PlayStation Network account on a PlayStation 4 console. You can also create a PlayStation Network account online by entering the Sony account creation page.

Access the PlayStation Network portal

The first step in creating a profile on the PlayStation Network or a PSN ID is to go to the main page of this section of Sony. Through your web browser and its address bar, you can enter using its URL that we leave below or go directly here.

When you are already on the official website, go to the top and look for the option to “Login” to click on it in the same way you would if you were to perform a normal login.

Data entry

The first information that the Sony team asks for is an ID to log in and the password you want to use to protect access. In the first field you have to write the e-mail you want to link to this user profile and in the next two the password, which must have a minimum extension of 8 digits and, if possible, use both letters and numbers. When you do this, click on “Next”.

In the next menu you must add some more information. Select the country where you live, the language in which you want to use the PlayStation Network services and your date of birth through the 3 buttons there are. Continue pressing “Next” again.

We are approaching the end. At this point you must write an ID that will be linked to your profile. This is the name with which the rest of the users will see you when you connect to online games or add you as a friend, so it is recommended that it be unique and original. You also have to write both first and last names, which in fact can be made visible if you wish. At the end, click on the “Next” button again.

Conditions of use and verification

Read the terms of use and privacy to see if you agree with all the requirements and measures of Sony and, when finished, press “Continue.” You can also press the “Modify” option to adjust and read a little more. Show your identity by clicking right after the box “I am not a robot” and solving the small request made to you to move on.

To finish, you just have to decide whether or not to check the box to receive special promotions and information about products related to PlayStation or Sony on the screen that just appeared. Then, it is left to click on “Accept and create account” for the team to send an email to the email address you specified.