The PlayStation 2 Slim is a review of the game console that was released in September 2004, better known as PlayStation 2 Slim “Slim”, the redesign was made by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a PlayStation quite smaller in size compared to the old PlayStation 2.

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In September 2004, the most important revision, the V12 or SCPH-70000, was launched. Available in November 2004, it is smaller than the old version and has the Ethernet port integrated in the console. The dimensions and weight have been reduced to 230 mm in height, 152 mm in width, and 28 mm in depth (32% less) and the power supply was connected externally.

Due to its thinner profile, it does not contain the 3.5-inch expansion bay, and therefore does not support the internal hard disk, so you cannot make use of the advantages of the official hard disk or play such a specific game of this peripheral as is the Fantasy XI, nor being able to use the official PlayStation 2 Linux package. There have also been conflicts in the numbering of this model, since there are two subversions of the SCPH-70000. One of them includes the old EE and GS and the other contains the new unified chip EE + GS. Two proposals to name them the old model (EE and GS separated) V11.5 and the old model V12 and the new V13. Today, most people only call both models V12 or V12 for the old and V13 for the new.

The V12 model was first launched in black, although later it was launched in other colors, such as silver.

There is also a V14 model (SCPH-70000 and SCPH-75002) that contains the EE + GS chip and different circuits compared to the previous revisions, some chips contain the Copyright date of 2005 compared to 2000 or 2001 for older models. It also has a different lens and some PlayStation problems on even PlayStation 2. Later revisions improved compatibility with PlayStation games.

At the end of 2005 it was found that some power supplies of thin black models were defective and could overheat. The units were called by Sony, with the company supplying a replacement model. The 70040 was the one who suffered most from this problem since being a new Sony had not noticed such an error. On July 9, 2005 Sony took out the 70050 with the problems fixed.

Another improved version of the PlayStation 2 slim model (SCPH-90000) was released in Japan on November 22, 2007, in the United States and Europe at the end of 2008, with an internal redesign that incorporated the power supply as part of the console , and a quieter fan that managed to lower the internal temperature, unlike previous versions, reducing the total weight to 720 g. The series of consoles SCPH-90000 and 90001 manufactured after March 2008 incorporate a revision of the BIOS, which corrects the problems of the previous models.

The latest V19 model launched by Sony is the 90010.

On January 13, 2009, the PlayStation 2 Slim manages to accumulate 60,000,000 consoles sold worldwide, a cumulative amount since its launch in 2004.

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