When PlayStation was released in Japan in 1994 (and in the rest of the world in 1995), it modified the concept of home console.

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PlayStation games were the first to be released on CD. In addition, they incorporated advanced 3D polygonal graphics and offered the ability to save games using a removable 128 kb memory card. Over the course of a decade, PlayStation became the first game console in history to sell more than 100 million units worldwide and, throughout its life, it had almost 8,000 games.

The success was immediate. The key was in the facilities offered by the company to video game developers, excited about the great technical possibilities, the three dimensions and the disc. The developers took several economic risks by creating cartridges for Sega or Nintendo; On the contrary, Sony offered all the facilities in order to have a varied catalog of games. Soon the greats of the sector joined. Titles such as Gran Turismo, Metal Gear or Final Fantasy are fundamental history of video games.

The jump to Europe and the United States was also successful. Sony chose to lower the price of its console below cost. The launch in the United States was priced at $ 299, well below the 399 of its main enemy, the Sega Saturn, completely swept. Contrary to the industry trend, Sony tried to obtain benefits derived from software and not just hardware. And he did: Sony Computer Entertainment earnings accounted for 90% of the company.

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