Memory Card for PlayStation 2

It is a storage device in which video game data can be stored, such as the state of the game, the already unlocked parts of it or even repetitions of goals or baskets. The official version of this storage device has a size of 8 MB, although other companies have come to manufacture clone cards of 16 MB, 64 MB and 128 MB capacity.

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Logitech Driving Force Pro

 The only official steering wheel for the console, created by Logitech for use in Gran Turismo 4. Few games are compatible with it, one of the first flyers to use feedback. This is also compatible with its successor: PlayStation 3.


It is a peripheral that had as its goal the most active participation of the player. It is a camera that captures the player’s movements in 2D and sends them to the team. Along with it, a series of games were launched that allowed taking advantage of the camera’s features.


The SingStar game incorporates two microphones and a USB adapter. The launch surprised the videogame community for its innovative voice recognition technology.


With the launch of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, a wireless guitar model was first marketed, which became the best-known peripheral in the history of the PS2.

DDR pad

It is a square-shaped dance mat, approximately 1-meter side, used in Konami Dance Revolution games (it can also be used with any other game but lacking certain buttons cannot be played correctly), executing its control with the foots. On its surface are the directional controls arranged in the upper, lower, left and right central part to operate the instruction up, down, left and right respectively, in addition to the triangle (Δ), square (□) control buttons, X (X), and circle (O) located in the diagonals, and in the upper part the select and start controls

Linux kit

The Linux kit consists of a 40 GB hard drive, a network and VGA adapter, a mouse and a USB keyboard and a GNU / Linux operating system for PlayStation 2, this kit is designed to program, you can also enter a distribution of GNU / Linux called Black Rhino. To use the Linux Kit, you need a PS2 Fat.


It is an accessory that allows the player to communicate with his teammates in network games or in some games to give orders to the characters by voice. The peripheral consists of a headset and a microphone.

DVD player

Developed and manufactured by Sony to ensure full compatibility with the PlayStation 2 DVD player Includes optimal viewing features, including 5 different playback modes, variable forward and reverse speed and playback time indicators and time remaining. Its careful style rivals the impressive design of PlayStation 2. It includes functional update software.


With the launch of Rock Band, a new instrument for PlayStation 2, the first USB battery, was released.

DualShock 2

In the PlayStation 2, Sony has preserved the shape of its remote and its name, improving its function. In the PlayStation, the command was known as DualShock and in the PlayStation 2 it was called the DualShock 2 controller. In the PlayStation 3, Sony initially changed its name to Sixaxis, although later adding the vibration again to that remote, I would change the name to DualShock 3.

Data East Player

The Data East Player was a complement published by Data East in 2000. Already at the end of the company’s life cycle, it served to play video games of the company such as Trio the Punch – Never Forget Me … and Dashin ‘Desperadoes 2. He was discontinued in 2003 and his last game was Muppets Party Cruise.

USB ports

Sony provided advanced features on the PlayStation 2, which did not exist on other contemporary consoles, such as including USB ports (version 1.1), which were very helpful for connecting controls manufactured by other companies or hard drives. There are also certain restrictions with USB ports, for example, the console itself cannot recognize other devices that use USB port as unofficial hard drives. There are certain games that were programmed to take advantage of the USB port, such as the famous Gran Turismo 4 game, said game was programmed to save screenshots on a USB drive or print images on an Epson printer.

Remote control

This remote is similar to DualShock 2, only it doesn’t have a cable connected to the remote, just an infrared adapter. The wireless controller is for people who have normal controls but with short cables or for those who want to be comfortable. This control had different models, the original models work with both AAA and AA batteries, while third-party models are rechargeable, similar to PS3 DualShock’s 3. This peripheral serves on consoles (PS2, PS2 Slim, PS One and PSX).

DJ panel

With the launch of the DJ Hero game a DJ panel would arrive, which is very similar to the guitar, but for fans of DJ games, which has 3 colored buttons.

Multitap 2

Due to the good acceptance of the first Multitap, Sony decided to bring this peripheral back on its PS2, although many simply call it “Multitap”. It contains a cable that has an output equal to that of the controls and, like the previous one, it has 4 control inputs (A, B, C and D). It is placed in the same slots where the controls are connected, usually regardless of the slot (1 or 2), connected in slot 1 the command appears as 1-A, 1-B, 1-C and 1-D being the same in slot 2,2-A, 2-B, 2-C and 2-D serving this to distinguish some commands from others, thus being able to connect up to 8 controls. Each control slot it contains has a memory card input, this so that each player loads its configuration. It works on consoles (PS2, PS2 Slim and PSX). It is supported by multiple games, such as Time Splitters 2, Virtua Tennis, Pro Evolution Soccer, among others.

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