In the presentation of the PS4, Sony did not show the shape of the console, but it did show two of its accessories, the DualShock 4 wireless control and the PlayStation 4 Eye camera. One day after the presentation, Shuhei Yoshida announced that the control of the PS3, the DualShock 3 would not be compatible with the PS4 although the PS Move with the new PlayStation 4 Eye would be. Later on the Sony E3 it would show the peripherals completely in more detail, also showing the mono headset with microphone that would be included in all launch systems A Sony representative confirmed at Comic Con in San Diego in reference to the compatibility of accessories that the old PS3 wireless headsets would work too and without any problem on the PS4.

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DualShock 4

DualShock 4 is the name that receives the command of the PlayStation 4. In its design it follows in broad strokes the command used by the PS3, it is available in three colors, black, red (Magma) and blue (Wave). In its creation, studies close to Sony, such as Guerrilla Games, participated, making adjustments such as raising the sticks for greater precision and adding the headphone jack, Evolution Studios also participated as part of the group of consultants with ideas for the area of ​​movement pointing towards the racing videogames sector. The main novelties were the incorporation of a new highly sensitive six-axis sensor, as well as a touchpad located on the upper front of the remote control, and incorporates a light bar on the upper part of the remote control formed by three different led lights colors. This last mentioned addition aims, among other functions, to facilitate the identification of the player through simple color codes detected by the PlayStation 4 Eye, for example, when a player exchanges control with another while on a split screen, these screens also exchange positions , being closer to the screen that suits; and offer useful information during the games, such as pointing out by red lighting that the character’s health has suffered significant damage, about this, Shuhei Yoshida president of Sony Worldwide Studios had confirmed through Twitter that the light could not be turned off from the controller The controller also includes a speaker and a headphone jack which is compatible with the standard (3.5mm) TRS and TRRS to support the use of headphones with a microphone included. Its price is $ 59. Just like in DualShock 3, Sony introduced a base to load the DualShock 4 controls.

Finally, the command incorporates a button called share (or share) designed to facilitate the interaction of the player with Facebook, Twitter, Ustream, Twitch, YouTube and other specifications detailed below.

PlayStation camera

PlayStation Camera has been redesigned for PS4 in relation to its predecessor. It includes a dual camera system with a resolution of 1280 × 800 and four microphones. Its measurements are 186 mm (length) by 27 mm (height) and 27 mm (width).

According to the official website and the presentation video, The PlayRoom allows users to have menus on the screen that pretend to be holograms that emerge directly from DualShock 4; The Playroom has a robotic character called Asobi, with whom you can interact and recognize them. Advanced motion controls are used with which you can enjoy games such as air hockey; and you can use the touch pad integrated in the DualShock 4 to navigate the holographic panels, interact with dozens of small robots or move objects on the screen. In addition to this, Sony warned that the integration of mobile devices would be possible, so that creations on smartphones, tablets and, as expected, with the PlayStation Vita, come alive through The PlayRoom.

The PlayStation 4 Eye lenses work with an aperture of f / 2.0, a minimum focusing distance of 30 cm and a viewing angle of 85 °. Images can be captured in uncompressed RAW or YUV format. It was eliminated from the launch packages to lower the final cost of the system; its final price is the same as the DualShock 4 of 59 dollars. Among the new functions will be voice commands to control the console.

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