There are many methods that you will find on the internet to get free PSN codes, most of them offer you the complete codes but at the end of the process you have to complete a survey or human verifications, which will generate some money. With that said, we are going to show you which are the best methods to obtain legal PSN codes.
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Claim free codes with the PSN Code Generator

This method is very effective, since this tool provided by our website has the ability to generate legitimate free PSN codes to redeem and recharge your PlayStation wallet and buy in the PS Store. You will also get free codes for your PS Plus membership (3, 6, 12 months), normally these PSN codes do not come complete, but our optimized PSN code generator gives them away complete without surveys or human verification.

Subscriptions to web pages by email

When trying to obtain some free PSN code, the vast majority of the web will ask you for your email as a registration form after performing a series of steps, and tasks that waste a lot of time, some users finish them and, in the end, a complete PSN code to the email that when redeeming it in your PlayStation account does not work.

Are the websites that give away PSN codes per registration reliable?

Many of these pages do give away these PSN codes, but in reality, we should not trust when entering personal data when registering in any of them, some users create false data to obtain these codes by filling out surveys, performing tasks that the web provides, they are they accumulate a series of points and in the end, they are redeemed on the same website to buy the gift cards that are needed, in this case PlayStation.

The trick is easy to see, you perform the tasks that are placed on you, when redeeming they show the gift cards available but with a high value in points, so you have to do the tasks several times and thus they earn money while you solve.

Buy PSN gift cards on Amazon (payment method)

We include this payment method, since many users do not feel safe with the free methods found on the internet, for this reason they spend real money buying PlayStation gift cards and thus ensuring their purchase. In all official stores you will find these gift cards, being that Amazon is the most sought after by users of the PlayStation Platforms.

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